Text "RHYNOTATTOO" to 22828.

It's the best way to stay updated when I have a last minute cancellation and also get designs that are priced and are ready to be tattooed.

Tattoo Appointments

I work by appointment only. I typically schedule appointments at 12:30 pm and work a max of 4 hours per session.


You can visit me at the shop around 12pm-5pm from Tuesdays-Saturdays. Please call the shop at (773)-481-1108 before visiting to make sure I am there. Consultations only take 5 minutes - 15 minutes.  If you are from out of town, feel free to have our consultation through email or phone.


After discussing the design and confirming an appointment date with me,

a $100 deposit is required which will go towards the last session of your tattoo.  

Deposits are non-refundable.  


You can pay deposits by:


1.  Stopping by Tattoo Boulevard during business hours

2.  Calling the shop to pay through credit/debit card

3. Quickpay or PayPal (Friends & Family option)

to rhynotattoo@gmail.com


Pricing is at $150/hour. 

I will not be able to give an exact quote on large scale pieces like half sleeves, sleeves, back pieces, etc. 

Large-scale pieces are a process. Each tattoo holds their own amount of detail. We accept card but cash is always preferred.

Design Process

We will discuss the design in person, over the phone, or through email.  Tattoo designs will be done closer to the appointment day or drawn directly onto the skin so there will be a good chance that you will not get to see the design before the appointment day.  If you trust in my portfolio, process, and work, trust that I will your design will be in good hands.  



No Call / No Show

Another deposit will be required if the client does not show up for an appointment without 24 hours of notification.  If you need to reschedule, please let me know ahead of time. Two consecutive reschedulings will require another deposit.  Please be responsible and show up to your appointments. I only schedule ONE person each day so when we set up our appointment, my time and attention are dedicated to you and your tattoo.


  1. Keep tattoo dry for 2 days.

  2. Only shower once a day. Pat dry.

  3. After the initial two days, apply a thin layer of lotion over the tattoo twice a day. 


  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • No swimming for 3 weeks

  • Do not pick or peel loose skin or scabs. Let the healing process take its course.

  • I like using Dial Anti-Bacterial soap and Aveeno or Lubriderm lotion.

  • Keep the area clean and away from bacteria.

  • If you have any other questions, just email me or call the shop.

Don't know what you want?

 Let me help you.  Here are some ideas you can have for your tattoo:


Animal /  Beasts: Dragon, koi, phoenix, nue, dragon-koi, tiger, snake, foo-dog, skull, oni, hannya mask, severed-head, hawk, fox, cats, octopus, goldfish.


Nature / Background: Peony, chrysanthemum, maple leaves, cherry blossom, pine trees, clouds, water, thunder, rock, fire, lotus.


Deities / warriors / folklore: Fudo-Myoo, Benzaiten, Orochimaru, Jiraiya Kintaro, Tengu-Karasu, Mongaku, Karyobinga, Kyumonryo Shishin, Rochishin. 

Which tattoo best suits you?